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Our next dance session is on the 20th March. Jan and Sue will be our callers and their dance programme is below. Click on the 'Dance Cribs' below for the crib sheet. 


Hooper's Jig

J8 x 32    3C (4C set)
Reel of the Puffins

R4 x 32  4C set

Deer Friends

S8 x 32  3C (4C set)

Tribute to the Borders

J8 x 32   3C (4C set)

Amhuinnsidhe Castle S8 x 32  3C (4C set)
Bert McCroskie

R5 x 32  5C set

The Wind on Loch Fyne

S3 x 32  3C triangular set

Jim's Haberdashery

J8 x 40   3C (4C set)

The Piper and the Penguin

R88        Square set

Far North Queensland

S5 x 32  5C set

The Cranberry Tart

J8 x 32   3C (4C set)

The Rutland Reel

R8 x 40  3C (4C set)

Click on the pdf file below to view the dance cribs 

Dance Cribs pdf file