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Our next dancing session is on the 19th February. Pat will be our caller and her dances are given below.


Welcome to Ayr

J8 x 32   3C (4C set)
Bratach Bana

R8 x 32   3CF (4C set)

The Dundee Whaler

S4 x 32   4C set

The Wooden Horse

J3 x 32   3C set

The Earl of Mansfield R4 x 48  4C set  
Johnnie Walker

M -(S64 x J64)  4C square set

Forty and Counting *

R8 x 40   3C (4C set)

Torridon L:asses

J8 x 40  3C (4C set)

Staircase in Styria

R5 x 40    5C set

Amhuinnsidhe Castle

S8 x 32   3C (4C set)

Lady Sophia Lindsay

R4 x 32   4C set

Jim's Haberdashery

J8 x 40   3C (4C set)

*  means please view on U-tube if possible

Click on the pdf file below to view the dance cribs 

Dance Cribs pdf file