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Our next dance session is on the 22nd May. Marion and Tom will be our callers and their dance programme is below. Click on the 'Dance Cribs' below for the crib sheet. We also have our AGM the same evening.


The Tattie Bogle 1

J8 x 32   3C (4C set)
Hudson Landing

R8 x 32  3C (4C set)

The Water of Leith

S4 x 32  4C set

Father Connelly's Jig

J4 x 64   4C set

Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown R4 x 32  4C square set
Miss Eleanor

S3 x 32  3C set

The Buckie Loon

R8 x 32  3C (4C set)

The Montgomeries' Rant

R8 x 32  3C (4C set)


Click on the pdf file below to view the dance cribs 

Dance Cribs pdf file