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We're on our summer break until Tuesday 10th September - dances from our last programme are given below.


The Wild Geese

J8 x 32   3C/4C 
The Bees of Maggieknockater

J4 x 32   4C

The Duchess Tree

S8 x 32  3C/4C 

The Raven's Dance

J8 x 32   3C/4C

Lady Sophia Lindsay R4 x 32  4C 
The Flower o'the Quern

S4 x 32  4C 

Rye Twist *

R5 x 32  5C 

Jim's Haberdashery

J8 x 40   3C/4C 

Butterscotch and Honey

S4 x 32  4C

The Dancing Bees

R8 x 32  3C/4C

MacDonald of Keppoch

M-(S64+R64)  4C sq. set

 Pelorus Jack

J8 x 32   3C/4C

Extra - Mairi's Wedding R8 x 40  3C/4C
* please view on U-tube if possible

Click on the pdf file below to view the dance cribs 

Dance Cribs pdf file