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Chairperson           David Cox

                                Tel: 01582 713727


Secretary               Val Owens

                               Tel:  01727 863870


Treasurer               Colin Methven

                               Tel:  01582 622135



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Harpenden  Scottish Country  Dancing  Club  is  a  leading  member of the Silver Cross Group which holds its dances on the first Saturday of each month at The Memorial Hall, Wheathampstead.  Another club for experienced dancers, its website includes details and cribs for up-coming dances.

Other clubs which are members of the Silver Cross Group and which also have their own websites giving  details of their meetings, etc, are:


Cambridge Scottish Society


South East Herts Scottish Country Dancing Society


Tally Ho Scottish Dancers


The Club is also affiliated to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the society founded in 1923 with the specific aim of preserving and promoting traditional Scottish country dancing.   A visit to the Society's website will put you in contact with the world of Scottish Country Dancing - 166 branches, 448 Affiliated Groups and 20,000 members in every corner of the world.  It will also enable you locate branches world wide; find the Workshops and Schools planned for the future and buy books; dance instruction pamphlets; recordings and videos related to dancing.   Among the Society's most active English branches is the London Branch, RSCDS, where Scottish Country Dancers visiting the capital are always made most welcome