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Do I need a partner?


Absolutely not! Even though Scottish Country dancing is social dance (meaning, you'll dance with a partner), you don't have to bring your own. We're all friendly folk, and we encourage people to constantly change partners. If you have a friend, spouse, or significant other that you'd like to bring along, that's terrific.


How strenuous is Scottish Country Dancing?


It depends on the dance.  Jigs, reels and hornpipes are generally fairly energetic, but strathspeys are slow, graceful dances.  If you aren't able to keep up, that's ok, you can always sit out dances. Even if you have medical problems or don't move as fast as you used to, you can still enjoy Scottish Country dance!  And you're never too old, either - some of our best dancers are in their seventies!


What kind of shoes do I need?


Don't feel that you have to go out and buy "ghillies" - the special leather slippers worn by most Scottish Country dancers - straight away.  If you find you enjoy this type of dancing, no doubt you'll want to buy a pair later but, initially, we recommend a pair of ballet slippers for women and for men, some form of soft-soled shoe.  For your first class light tennis shoes will be fine but avoid street shoes and trainers - they are almost always too stiff to allow proper footwork.


What sort of clothing should I wear?


Loose, comfortable clothing is best. Jeans are ok as long as they allow you to move.  You will get hot very quickly, so light clothing is always a good idea. Skirts and kilts are not required, but they look better and will make you feel better and we encourage them to be worn at more formal occasions such as our Ball, Silver Cross Dances and our Christmas and summer Club Parties.